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We offer surveys to clarify site layout, boundaries, elevations, and features, which frequently prevents conflict between parties. Our goal is to provide a clear picture of the site in question to help resolve disputes. As a surveying firm, ALS remains neutral and unbiased, ensuring the utmost accuracy in our work for all current and future clients.

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As land surveyors, we offer several services that handle property disputes. It’s important to know which approach is suitable for each situation. At their core, most conflict resolution surveys are inertly boundary surveys


Public right-of-way allows public unhindered travel on private land. It includes adjacent sidewalks and roads. We can't solve disputes between the property owner and the local municipality beyond accurately locating and defining property lines as described by said municipality.


Encroachment is when a property owner, most often inadvertently, violates their neighbor's rights by building on their property. As a neutral third party, we provide a boundary survey for clarity at our client's request.

title discrepancy

A title defect is a threat to the right to sell a property due to a publicly recorded issue like a lien, mortgage, or judgment that gives others a claim. We provide updated surveys that can clear up questions about the plot's content and boundaries, remaining neutral.