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what is a FEMA elevation cert.?

A FEMA Elevation Certificate gives info needed to set insurance rates, get a LOMA, or follow flood management laws. Clients can use it to find their property’s location in relation to the base flood elevation. To get it, a survey must be done and the parcel’s location checked against the SFHA on the FIRM flood map. The map estimates flood risk calculated by engineers.

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Among other things, FEMA elevation certificates verify lowest floor elevation, and help with insurance rates, build requirements, assessing damage risk, and understanding flood risk.

residential landowners

Flood hazard zone properties may require a FEMA flood elevation certificate for insurance purposes or property sale/remodeling. These certificates determine accurate insurance rates and identify necessary cost adjustments.

engineers + developers

Elevation certificates verify base flood elevations for construction projects, proving compliance with flood management rules to insurance estimators and officials assessing flood risk. Developers owning land can also benefit from these certificates, potentially reducing premiums and freeing up funds for other project expenses.

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Flood elevation servcies vary in type and each has unique benefits according to individual needs. It is crucial to comprehend these differences to make an informed decision.


As outlined above, elevation certificates list a structure's location, the lowest point of elevation, flood zone, and other characteristics relating to elevation and floodplain. These determine insurance rates, support a LOMA, or ensure compliance with floodplain management ordinances.


Otherwise known as a Letter of Map Amendment, this is a letter from FEMA indicating that a structure is not within the SFHA and actually on ground above the base flood elevation. These remove the requirement for a lender to require flood insurance coverage.


Otherwise known as a Letter of Map Revision, this is a letter from FEMA officially revising the current FIRM to show changes to floodplains, floodways, or flood elevations. These are associated with large scale map changes or larger commercial or residential subdivision developments.

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